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 Program for high school students to infuse an Inspirational and entrepreneurial mind-set, creativity & intellectual curiosity to help build an Emirati Model for Innovation while developing key skills relevant to the job market. The students will participate in boot-camps and workshops on real life challenges from selected companies and will also be exposed to campus life, university students and research centers. 
The purpose of the program is to enhance entrepreneurial mindset in the UAE entrepreneurship ecosystem and sustain the flow of applicants to the Prototypes to Market (P2M) and Discovery (D) Programs of the UAEU Science and Innovation Park. It is a one-semester program, designed to help participants ideate, understand the interactions and importance of the entrepreneurship ecosystems, build teams, build prototypes and validate the market opportunity or market need they are addressing. Participants can bring their solution to the market through two possible approaches: building a startup (the candidate will be oriented towards the C4I and the incubation programs: P2M and D programs) or patenting the invention and commercialize it through an existing company the SIP will help the participant identify.
An annual competition held by the Science and Innovation Park at UAEU during the 3rd week of November as part of its Ideas to Prototypes (I2P) program. C4I is open to participants from UAEU, national or regional universities and the community. The purpose of the challenge is to provide participants with knowledge and skills to write and pitch a business plan in one week. During this week there are boot camps, workshops and mentoring sessions that are designed to inspire participants help them build a vision, a road map and an action plan; provide them with the tools and techniques to write a concise and persuasive 
The purpose of the Discovery Program (D Program) is to help participants discover for themselves their personal drivers for success and to be driven by their own vision not simply an idea. The program also exposes them to the importance of taking care of others and being customer / stakeholders focused. Last but not least, they learn to live for a purpose higher than themselves. While designing, planning for and implementing a project to deliver a solution that improves quality of life, through better inclusiveness and shared wellbeing, participants (15 to 20 students) acquire life skills such as self-awareness and mindfulness, empathy, resilience, equanimity, creative thinking, problem-solving, effective communication and interpersonal relationships. During a semester, the program is designed to expose fellows to social challenges, provide them with the principles of social entrepreneurship, better knowledge of the ecosystem that supports it and practical experience to deliver solutions that generate sustainable and inclusive global economy and society.
A one-year program is designed to provide nascent entrepreneurs with the required resources to start their businesses. Besides the admin and basic resources usually provided by entrepreneurship centers, UAEU SIP incubator P2M program participants are supported by a hosting team. They are provided with business services for discounted prices and a comprehensive support service for licensing. Finally, P2M program participants are offered a structured education program that includes workshops to get startups practical knowledge and skills, coaching, and mentoring by the SIP Global Advisory Panel. The program is designed to offer its participants unique opportunities to collaborate with UAEU SIP ecosystem players such as research centers. The SIP P2M program offers startups unique networking and exposure opportunities such as an immersion week in the Silicon Valley, possibilities to enroll in national and international competitions (such as EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards) and opportunities to be showcased in big events and exhibitions (such as GITEX). Finally, participants have access to seed capital without giving up equity while being advised by the SIP team. Soon, participants will also have access to an IT collaborative platform that links the SIP community and supports the formation of a cluster for safe innovation.

UAEU Science and Innovation Park launches a US campus in Boston and San Francisco that will offer an education program on innovation and entrepreneurship as well as an accelerator for open innovation.

The innovation and entrepreneurship program will educate UAE established entrepreneurs and ecosystem key players ands provide them with tools and best practices to foster Innovation and strategic thinking in the UAE, link them with top innovative American ecosystem players and immediately access an extensive network, provide them with access to cutting edge Innovation from leading Silicon Valley startups and Key Opinion Leaders and develop relations with top research centers in Silicon Valley and Massachusetts (Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT and Harvard).

 The Open innovation accelerator will scale-up UAE startups to become global by offering them services such as Go-to-market and marketing and business development. It will also help attract innovative startups to the UAE to practice open innovation with the UAE companies. Through this accelerator, the SIP contributes to make Emirati startups global players, attract US venture capital to Emirati startups and spur innovation and technology for UAE big companies.

The SIP US campus program and accelerator help positioning the UAE ecosystem on the open innovation world-map and making it visible worldwide


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