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Startup Projects

  • Mubarah
  • iDiabeat
  • PROil
  • Brailleye
  • FEGI
  • Eladly Park app
  • Life Rays
  • NAWA
  • Loyal Falcons
  • Rescue watch
  • Flying Soldier
  • AID
  • Weqaya
  • Zayed Stream
  • Maskan Co.
  • Takweya
  • Arsilni
  • Smary (Pick & Check)
  • Re Tech
  • Flawless
mubarah   Mubarah is a social sports network that helps football lovers and other sports to practice their favorite sport at any time, with any team and anywhere. And in three simple and easy clicks. Mubarah App helps the player to build his own team or to join another team, organize his time preference to play. The application allows him to choose the teams he wants to challenge by searching for the team in teams section.
We are a team of young entrepreneurs from different backgrounds; our passion to create social impact and our dedication for open innovation are the factors that united us to team up; to solve a social issue. The high rates of diabetes in the UAE inspired us to come up with an innovative design for glucose meters. Based on our research, most diabetics tend to forget their glucose meters or get bothered from carrying many devices with them. When that happens diabetics end up not checking their blood sugar level as much as they’re required to. We came up with IDiaBeat glucose meter, which will absolutely help them overcome those issues. IDiaBeat glucose meter will be designed in a form of smartphone case. It will be light and will come with a checkup reminder feature. Therefore, it will help diabetics to simply beat diabetes.
Crude oil spills in aqueous media are classified as a major hazard to all mankind as well as marine life. In addition, pollution by crude oil spills is a common problem that takes place in many countries, especially oil-producing countries like the UAE. Several approaches have been explored for the removal of these spills. Most of these approaches depend on the use of physical and mechanical methods for the collection of oil spills. Although these methods are currently used, they lack the reasonable efficiency and are expensive. Moreover, collected oil spills are always treated by incineration or by dumping in remote areas. Both methods of treatment further lead to air and land pollution. Finally, the collected water-free oil spills are completely retrieved and forwarded to the refinery without adversely affecting the environment. Proil is a startup that is bringing to market an invention that comes straight from the Chemistry Department at UAE University, where novel fibrous sorbents were made through recycling of certain types of plastic wastes, and are characterized by having ultrahigh sorption capacity are produced. 
Braille eye is a smart reading device which will help the visually impaired people in the world read whatever and whenever they want. We use OCR technology (like the scanner to scan the text), the device will be as small as a mobile phone, it will have a camera at the back, the users just take a picture of what they want to read, it will directly transfer to the Braille on the device. There are more than 285 million visually impaired people in the world who are suffering the same problems and even worse. They have fewer opportunities in the society, we hope we can help better integrate hem into the community. 
Future Emirati Game Innovators (FEGI) is a startup company that develop customized compelling educational games to support the learning process in any organization. Those organizations who want anyone to learn their content without feeling bored while learning.
Eladly park is a smart valet parking provider without any parking attendants. It connects drivers who want parking spaces with drivers who are willing to leave their parking spaces. Each transaction has two drivers: one who “pays & parks” and another who “earns & leaves.”
Life Rays.
nawaNawah is a sustainable company that uses wasted date seeds in the UAE to help mothers and breast cancer patients to provide to their infants the optimum health benefits by using the date seed extract (DSE) in their powdered milk instead of the usual market milk formula. Our powdered milk which contains the date seed extract was found to have the exact same chemical elements and ingredients of breast milk, as well as it contains all natural and organic nutrients and it can eliminate any allergies or potential diseases from occurring which the market milk cannot support. 

loyal falconNew high technology portable defense system that saves soldiers’ lives in battlefield, & has many features such as alerting solider from surrounded threatens, sending health data to military camp, determine enemy location and determine injured solider location.

Rescue Watch Is a watch that will Save Soldiers lives by developing a disruptive technology for the UAE government defense system


Transferring weapons, munitions and/or military equipment, from one destination to another need to be with the presence of military personnel required to monitor these types of missions. Ensuring that the distance is free from external risks and safe for personnel movement is very important for the soldiers and the military equipment themselves. By using drone technology, will help inspecting the military mission and report on any deviations in real time, thus trigger immediate intervention. It also will reduce time and reliance on human surveillance and control.Utilize drone technology and replace it with the person authorized to check that the place reached is clear and the equipment transferred completely will help gaining the time, improving the control and the surveillance towards the safe completion of the mission.

aidAid is an online psychotherapy application that provides private and comfortable environment for the users who suffer from mental illness.The treatment will be by certified psychologists only in certain ways such as texting, video call and voice call. It will hopefully be available in Apple store and Google store soon in Arabic and English.

 A non-invasive device/application to monitor the glucose level in the blood and to count the carbohydrates in the food/medication needed in accordance to the level of the glucose.

A new method to enhance oil recovery in tight carbonated reservoirs.

maskanIt is a company that design the houses using its own standard elements. Then, it will be manufactured in pieces, delivered, and assembled at the costumer location.


Arsilni aims to cover the problem of lack of easy and coordinated access between the truck drivers and users. We plan to solve this problem by creating an application where we bring together the truck drivers and users in one platform to offer services like car transportation and light goods delivery.

pick and checkWe save lives by providing happiness in picking the right food.
Our Startup is called ReTech where we came up with an innovative Blockchain-based approach towards handling receipts in the retail industry. There will no longer be a need for paper receipts for we will provide an application that stores and manages receipts digitally. The application will store all the data of what the customer spent his money on and will provide an analysis of his shopping habits. It will also alert the shopper of the deadline date of possible exchanges/refunds and warranty. This way, the shopper can always have his receipt in hand without the hassle of trying to find the paper receipt or risk of losing it.

We provide 2 solutions ( a device & an organic cleanser ) for Makeup users to help them with the struggle of cleaning the makeup brushes and the beauty bender, we believe that every women deserve a fearless beauty and a flawless skin where we will help them to keep their skin healthy and clean by cleaning their makeup tools through our solutions.

Oct 27, 2019